Concern grew however, as my Akitas started developing age related medical issues and required greater care.   My anxieties about quality care was further compounded when Maestro was diagnosed with kidney disease. Since bringing Maestro home as a pup, he brought renewed energy and indisputable joy to the house, serving as the primary culprit of some pretty incredible ‘tales’ and countless adventures. He now needed very specific attention to keep his spirit thriving.  This meant even more specialized care, including daily medications, a strict diet and IV fluids.  Now, there was just too much involved with my pets care to ask family or friends for help.

It was during these times I began wondering what other pet owners did to ensure their pets continued to receive quality care when they were unable to be there.  I knew I couldn’t possibly be alone.  

After considerable thought and reflection, the entrepreneurial side of me ‘kicked in’ as I recognized and learned there was a growing need for quality in home pet care services.  I was intrigued.  It all made sense, I saw the opportunity to combine all my business acumen and experience to an area I dreamed about pursuing as a child and remains, to this day, what I am most passionate about.  This was the beginning of Maestro’s Tail.  

My mission is to provide the best quality care to all animals I come in contact with. Does your pet, young or old, need exercise you can’t provide,  require specific food preparation, need ice chips in their water to help them stay hydrated, need help getting up, or need medication to feel better? I’ve experienced just about everything.  My promise to you is I will care for your pets just as I would my very own. Services will be performed responsibly and with a whole lot of TLC.  So when you’re away, rest assured and with confidence that Maestro’s Tail is there.  

Maestro's Tale

Hi!  My name is Lisa S. Shannon, founder and owner of Maestro’s Tail. From a young age, my love and connection to animals was very apparent. From turtles to horses, my childhood was immersed with animals of all sizes.  My family home would not have felt complete without our pets Blackie, King, Marble, and Soldier. I knew pets would always be a part of my life and even dreamed as I grew older, of how wonderful a career somehow involving pets would be, but as life would have it; I chose a different path…, until now.

After graduating from college I went on to have a successful career in management and finance.  Throughout it all, right by my side, would be my own 4 legged ‘kids’.  I’ve had the privilege of raising two beautiful Akitas to the ripe old age of 14 and a Cairn Terrier named Maestro.  Name sound familiar? Yes, the company is named after my best boy, but more about him later.  I am currently the proud "Mama" of another Akita named Juno, and a wonderful Cairn Terrier named Ramsey.

When away, Maestro's Tail will sit, walk, even stay...

 Just like you, I want to ensure my pets are well taken care of, happy and healthy.   As we can all attest, caring for our pets isn’t always easy, but we do whatever it takes, simply because they’re a part of our family and we love them.   

As a pet owner, my constant challenge is how to make sure they receive the attention they need when I’m away.  I never felt comfortable with boarding my pets in kennels, so I depended on family and friends for help.  Fortunately, they were willing to do so, allowing my pets to remain in their familiar surroundings of home.   With two large breed dogs, and one little mischievous guy, Maestro, who always kept everyone on their toes / paws, the convenience of allowing them to stay at home when I was away was critical for me.