Standard Pet Care

For those owners who are just plain busy, stuck at work, or who can no longer properly exercise and/or care for their pets due to illness or limitations.  This plan is also ideal for owners with puppies needing to be housebroken, or senior dogs experiencing weakening bladders.  We will care for your pets as long as necessary with a package tailored to your needs.

Standard Pet Care visit can include:

  • Feeding & fresh water

  • Walks, and play

  • Light grooming  / brushing

  • Scooping litter box

  • Minor accident clean up

  • Medication

  • TLC

  • Special requests can be given with the Standard Pet Care Package

  • The Standard Pet Care visit is 30 min.

  • Extended Care time is available if requested.

Pet Taxi /Errands

Do you need to schedule a vet appointment or grooming session, but don’t want to take time off of work? Or maybe you just forgot to stock up on cat food or kitty litter before your trip? Let us run your quick errand or pick up and deliver your pet to any place you need them to go.  We are there to transport them safely, stay with them if you need us to, and deliver them back home.  This service can be one-way or round trip.

Special Needs Pet Care

Most often, pets needing the most care are Seniors or those pets with special needs. Special Needs Care is a convenient and sensible way to handle the sometimes-overwhelming responsibility of caring for your ill or injured pet.  We work in conjunction with your primary care veterinarian to provide the best care for your pet.  We offer multiple daily or weekly visits as required to ensure your pet receives the prescribed medications and / or treatments needed.

Special Needs Pet Care Services include, but not limited to:

  • Special feeding instructions

  • Administering medications

  • Cleaning wounds or surgical sites and changing bandages

  • Administering subcutaneous fluids and injections (including insulin)

  • Obtaining stool or urine samples

  • Transporting your pet to veterinarian appointments

  • Working with your vet to ensure proper care

Overnight Pet Care

If you desire a bit more attention and companionship for your pets while you’re away, we will spend the entire evening with them. This slumber package is also very attractive for owners of puppies and pets with special needs or separation anxiety.

The Overnight Pet Care package includes:

  • Evening and bedtime exercise and play

  • Evening and morning feed and fresh water

  • Scooping litter box

  • TLC

  • Standard home-care services

Standard Home Care Services with this package also include:

  • Collecting mail & newspapers

  • Alternating lights and blinds for the lived in look

  • Watering plants

  • Adjusting Television / Radio

In-Home Pet Sitting services include:

  • Feeding & fresh water

  • Daily walks, and play

  • Light grooming  / brushing

  • Scooping litter box

  • Minor accident clean up

  • Medication

  • Daily Log

  • TLC

For those who are busy at work racing home to let the dog out, or just unable to exercise your dog enough to satisfy their energy needs, stop stressing.  We can become your dog’s second best friend while you’re gone. You can come home to a relaxed dog, free of boredom and isolation.  As one of our most popular services, mid-day or dinnertime Dog Walking is available with feeding if necessary.

Standard Daily Dog Walk 20 - 30 minutes 

Weekly Packages are available.

Extended Walk time available if requested

Meet & Greet

There will be no charge for the Initial Consultation.  This gives you a chance to meet us and we have a chance to meet your pets and gather all the information required to provide the best care for your pets. The consultation generally takes 15 - 20 minutes.

Daily Dog Walk

Patience, Care and Compassion is our expertise!

In-Home Pet  Sitting

For our busy or traveling pet owner.  Away from home all day either working, playing, on a business trip or taking that much needed vacation; our cat and dog sitting services allow your pet(s) to stay in familiar surroundings, sleep in their own beds and maintain their daily routine while you live your life.  This is an alternative to kennels or boarding facilities where some pets can become distraught, anxious, or even ill.  Plus, your pet receives lots of whisker scratching, and tummy-rubbing affection combined with top-quality care.

When away, Maestro's Tail will sit, walk, even stay...