It is such a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Lisa Shannon and the service she provides in her business, Maestro’s Tail.


We have known Lisa for close to a year now.  I readily admit to being nervous about hiring someone to come into my home and taking care of my dog, Shadow; however, my fears were alleviated when I met Lisa. She was prompt, courteous and well organized.  It was obvious to me that she is someone who takes her business and clients very seriously.


Our dog Shadow absolutely loves Lisa and it is clear she likes animals.  She have given tips for nutrition, health issues, and even helped us with training.  She and her associates take great care of Shadow and my wife and I do not worry one bit about Lisa not showing up or
missing an appointment, etc.  When Lisa says it will get done, she means it. Frankly, I wish other businesses had Lisa’s commitment to quality.  


There are not many people in whom we would fully trust to properly care for Shadow or let into our home in our absence, but Lisa is one
of them.  We highly recommend her services.


Joey and Melissa McGuire

Greenbelt, MD 

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Maestro's Tail pet sitting.  My Australian Sheppard was recovering from surgery and Lisa very kindly accommodated my needs on short notice.  Panda has separation anxiety and required someone to stay with her while I went to work for a half day.  I had a chart tracking the times her various medications were administered and her bowel movements for the vet. 

The pet sitter, Cassi, was excellent.  She was kind and attuned to Panda's needs (going out, water, etc.) and gave her the attention and reassurance that she needed.  She was reliable and cheerful, and took the time to give attention to my other dog when possible, who was kept in a separate room.  Cassi went out of her way to helping me navigate getting groceries in the house, opening doors and baby gates and keeping the dogs in their respective areas.  She was respectful of my property and left the house as clean as when she arrived.

In addition to all of this, Lisa's professionalism really stood out for me.  She asked and answered very detailed questions about my dog's care, and had a thorough intake form.  She and Cassi came together for the first visit and she instructed Cassi on considerations needed for infirm pets.  Some of the points she raised were things I would not have thought to share.

Again, I cannot say enough how impressed and comfortable I was with the two weeks of dog care that my beloved Aussie received.  It's clear that Lisa is dedicated, enthusiastic, and will treat her clients with the care she would expect for her own pets.  She seems to have a knack for finding employees who meet these same standards.

Thank you, Lisa and Cassi!

Patty Sobel
Laurel, MD

Buster was so much more to me than “Just a Dog”. He has become my saving grace since the loss of my husband. I know that Buster has many special needs like his recovery from the surgery to repair his ACL, his daily medications, his age (11 years old) his weight, that fact that he walked slowly and needed to rest often, the doctor’s instructions about avoiding steps, etc. It was difficult to find someone to care for him as I would have cared for him. I wanted you to know that God does answer prayer. I know that because he sent you to us. Buster seemed to be happy with you.

I really appreciated that you not only walked him during the day but that you were willing to come and stay with Buster at night. I truly believe that made all the difference. Your daily communications with me were such a blessing to me. They helped me to relax and enjoy myself so much on vacation. I am sure that we will continue to do business together because of your genuine love for animals and your personal touch that Buster felt in absence of his family.

Glenda, Special Need / Overnight Pet Care Client, Greenbelt, MD

Thank you for the extraordinary pet care during Sam’s health crisis this week.
Your sharp observation skills may have saved his life. I’m so grateful to you.

Mary, Mid-day Dog Walking Client, Greenbelt, MD

Lastly, Lisa has gone beyond the call of duty…true story.  I left one day for an out of town trip.  I had changed the door locks with the plan to leave the new key for Lisa.  In my haste to catch a plane, her new key was locked inside the house.  When I landed in Dallas I had a message from Lisa that the door was locked.  I had locked Lisa out of the house and Marley in the house.  Well, you can imagine my panic.  After my initial shock, I realized there was one lock I hadn't changed. That door was on my deck which is 14 feet from the ground with no stairs to access it. There's a lot more to the story but to cut to the chase:  Lisa got a ladder, climbed the ladder (again 14' off the ground), climbed over the banister, opened the door and she and Marley went on with their day.

I have to tell you Lisa is the best.  She is professional, conscientious, trustworthy and I'd recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Karen, Pet Sitting Client, Silver Spring, MD

I travel a lot for work.  After doing a bunch of research and trying 4-5 different boarding places, I became very concerned about my pups' state of mind, and overall well-being.  She'd come home lethargic, non-responsive and frankly, quite attitudinal.  I had actually entertained the idea of looking for another home for Marley because I felt that my work lifestyle was not in my puppy's best interest.  Well it so happened that at the point where I was at the height of both my frustration and concern for my "baby", Lisa Shannon opened up a pet care business.

Since Marley's first experience with Lisa she's been a very happy camper.  I come home to the same happy, confident, goofy puppy I left.  Whether I'm gone 1 day or 7, it's like I've never left.  She's happy, she's energetic and she is "non-attitudinal".  Oh and I get the best hugs EVER!

Our Success Stories... 

I have a one year old and a 12 year old standard poodle.  My 12 year old is what Lisa calls a "special needs pup".  My older poodle has  weak legs and hips and can’t walk very far.  For months, when my younger poodle went out for walks and play, she had to stay behind.  She was getting very limited exercise and her quality of life was deteriorating.  Lisa wanted to find a way to get her involved, so she provided a carriage for her so she can walk until she gets tired and then she hops in and rides in the carriage. This enables both our poodles to get outside and exercise together all while still providing the energetic walks the younger poodle needs and the important, although limited, exercise that my "special needs pup" craves.   She has actually gained strength and is walking greater distances since beginning this routine.

Lisa is a kind, compassionate, more than competent person who has gone the extra mile in caring for our special needs older dog as she walks them both. They look forward to seeing her every day.  Lisa is just a great pet care provider for my poodles. 

Lois, Special Needs Client, Berwyn Heights, MD

If anyone is looking for a service to come walk/feed your dog while you are away at work all day, I highly recommend the service we used, Maestro’s Tail. They are dependable, reliable and really seem to know a lot about dog and dog care.

The very best part of their service is the great notes they leave for you every day telling you how wonderful your dog is and what occurred on that day's visit. It was the highlight of my day to come home and read the note. (yes, my days must be pretty dull, but fellow dog owners may get how nice that could be).

We sadly don't need the service anymore because we had to let our sweet Lali go yesterday, but they even made the final weeks easier. The agency owner, Lisa Shannon personally texted me every day these past couple of weeks to tell me how my girl was doing.

It would be to everyone’s advantage to give them more business in the neighborhood, so they stick around.

Oh, and they do cats, birds, etc as well.

Becky Smith,

Takoma Park

I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for the awesome care that you extended to Buster. As you know, Buster has always been an extension of my family but since the death of my husband in January of 2010, he had become so much more to me. We could have gone with others that offered to care for Buster while I went away, but many considered him as “Just a Dog”.

When away, Maestro's Tail will sit, walk, even stay...